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Tkoor was born in 2020, out of a struggle familiar to many South Asian women - difficulty finding beautiful luxury sarees and desi clothes, outside of India or other South Asian countries. We couldn’t understand why access to these garments was such a challenge, especially since we usually reach for desi clothes for the most important milestone moments in our lives - from weddings, dawats, pujas and Eid, to birthday parties and festivals. 

We are also striving to make a difference in the fashion industry, by being at the forefront of sustainable and ethical choices. When you shop with tkoor, a portion of the proceeds is donated to our nonprofit partners in India and Bangladesh, to support the women who create our stunning garments. For tkoor to exist, we realize that not only do we need to empower the wearers of the clothes, but the makers of them too.   

In fact, it’s these inspiring women who helped us find our name and our voice in this realm. When our founder visited India recently, she spoke with some of the women at karighars and garment factories who meticulously sew and embroider our sarees and cholis. One of these women shared how a “tukra of cloth” from a saree shaped her whole livelihood. Tkoor was born! The word “tkoor” is derived from “Tukra”, which means “a piece or a part of something” in Hindi.   This perfectly describes the essence of who we are. 

Our aim is to provide South Asians and allies with a platform to access designer desi clothing via rental, creating a sustainable and affordable shopping experience. We also hope to highlight the lives of the garment workers, who are severely underpaid and working in harsh conditions in South Asian countries like Bangladesh. Through donations, we are giving back to the women who work hard to create the special pieces of clothing that mean so much to us. We want to be a transformative avenue for change in fashion, empowering both makers and wearers of South Asian clothes.